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About Elizabeth Vargis

I am an Assistant Professor of Biological Engineering. Before coming here, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley, and a Master’s and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University with postdoctoral training in Knoxville at Oak Ridge National Lab. I started at Utah State in August 2013 and love living in Logan!
My laboratory has two “thrusts.” With one, my students and I grow cells and tissues in our lab and watch how they act; sometimes manipulating them to hopefully figure out how to cure or prevent disease. The other is biophotonics or laser spectroscopy. In this capacity, we build models of a disease and use biophotonics to test it. We shine light on nanoparticles and then we see what light is shot back to us and how that changes based on disease, based on the type of particles we use, and based on if the nanoparticles attach to certain cells. The light literally “sheds light” into how the disease will work. The students that study under me work in all these areas and more – everything from detecting cell surface markers for blood cancers to projects with eventual department of defense applications.


Present Assistant Professor, Utah State University Biological Engineering

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