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About Dustin De Felice

Dustin De Felice, Ph.D. has more than a decade in the Adult Education field. He is an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University in their exciting Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching Program ( He is also the program director. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, he teaches courses on Language Concepts in Foreign Language Teaching, Pedagogical Grammar, and Technology in Foreign Language Classrooms. In his previous life, he was an ESL Instructor at a number of community-based organizations in the Chicagoland area including the Albany Park Community Center where he served as the director of the Citizenship Preparation program.
In his academic life, he holds a B.A. from Northeastern Illinois University in Speech Communication with a minor in Spanish and Linguistics. He also earned an M.A. in Linguistics with a concentration in TESL from the same esteemed institution. Finally, he completed his doctoral studies in 2013 and successfully defended his dissertation in December of 2012.
Over the years, he has also dabbled in fiction writing and classroom workbooks. His work can be found at and on Barnes & at
His current research interests include the development of community/teacher based materials aimed at increasing literacy and/or documentation of endangered languages; the use of Huastecan Nahuatl or Yucatec Maya as a language of instruction through distance learning and the perspectives and experiences of indigenous educators and their life work.
His work with a native speaker of Guerrero Nahuatl (specifically a speaker from San Agustin Oapan) is available and he is always willing to share a copy of his multimedia CD, where you are able to hear the language once used as the lingua franca throughout Mexico and still spoken today by roughly one million speakers. Dustin De Felice can be reached at:


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