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About Denise Yull

Denise Yull completed her EdD in the Graduate School of Education at Binghamton University. Her scholarly research interests focus on Black students, schooling and educational contexts; role of Black identity on educational outcomes for Black students; and multicultural education. The objectives of her dissertation, Black American Intergenerational Perspectives on Education, Black Identity and Whiteness: A Sociocultural and Historical Analysis, were to (1) explore the sociocultural contexts and experiences of Black Americans and their perspectives on the quality and value of education in their lives, and (2) better understand how the sociohistorical idea that Blacks are inferior has influenced the perception and disenfranchisement of Black youth in the U.S. educational system.
Yull's scholarly research provides innovative and culturally grounded theoretical and empirical frameworks for understanding the sociocultural contexts of educational disparities for Black youth. She is an emerging scientist whose scholarly research and teaching interests provide a strong interdisciplinary and social justice focus. She has a strong background in quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches and applied statistics. She has presented several scholarly research presentations at national conferences (e.g., American Educational Studies Association Conference).


Present Assistant Professor, Binghamton University--SUNY


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  • HDEV 348, Politics of Education
  • HDEV 366, Poverty and Discrimination
  • HDEV 400 Social Justice
  • HDEV 402, Youth and Social Policy


MA, Binghamton University--SUNY ‐ Mathematics
BS, State University of New York College at Buffalo - Buffalo State College ‐ mechanical engineering
EdD, Binghamton University--SUNY ‐ Education

Contact Information

Office: University Downtown Center, Room 415 
Office Phone: 607-777-9204 
Fax: 607-777-7587 


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