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About David Ingram

David Ingram is Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago. He has authored eight books and edited three anthologies, and has published almost seventy journal articles and book chapters. His primary research interests range over social and political philosophy and philosophy of law, with a special focus on the Frankfurt School (Juergen Habermas and Critical Theory). He has also written extensively on French, German, and Anglo-American social philosophy, with application to race, disability, immigration, and human rights.
David Ingram received his B.A. degree in philosophy from the University of California, Irvine (1970-73) and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in philosophy from the University of California, San Diego (1973-80), where he studied with Herbert Marcuse, Henry Allison, Robert Pippin, Fred Olafson, Richard Arneson, and Gerald Doppelt. His post-graduate education included studying with Jean-Francois Lyotard at the University of Paris VII(1986).
David Ingram's academic appointments include the University of Northern Iowa (1980-87)and Michigan State University (2006-07), where he was appointed Distinguished Visiting Research Professor. From 1995-1998 he served as academic adviser for the student social immersion to Guatemala sponsored by Loyola University Ministry.
His honors include: Loyola University Graduate Faculty Member of the Year Award (2013); recipient of Casa Guatemala's Human Rights Award (1999), and recipient of the Jesuit Honor Society's Alpha Sigma Nu Award for Best Book written between 1993-95 in the category of humanities among all scholars teaching at Jesuit colleges and universities (1997).
David Ingram is married to Jennifer Parks, who is professor of philosophy at Loyola University. His children include Sabina Simon (b. 1991), Maxwell (b.2003), and Samuel (b.2005).


1987 - Present Professor of Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago Department of Philosophy

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