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About Andrew Bach

Andrew Bach is an Professor of Environmental Geography at Western Washington University. Dr. Bach received his doctorate in geography from Arizona State University in 1995. His Master's and undergraduate work in geography was completed at the University of California, Davis. His major research areas include geomorphology and pedogenesis, natural resources management, Quarternary studies and climate change in the western United States. Dr. Bach, his graduate students and colleagues have been focusing research efforts in the Ozette Region and Elwha River of the Olympic Peninsula, the Nooksack River watershed and Mt. Baker in Whatcom County, and the Potholes Coulee area of central Washington. Topically, projects have looked at the paleoenvironments of these areas, especially reconstructing the Missoula Flood. Dr. Bach has been using pedogenesis to examine landscapes and trying to understand how soils begin to form in these environments, and how climate change might affect the rate of soil development. Dr. Bach currently teaches Introduction to Physical Geography, The Pacific Northwest, Climatology, Map Reading and Analysis, and two soils courses.


Present Faculty Member, Western Washington University Western Expert
Present Affiliated Faculty, Western Washington University Institute of Spatial Information and Analysis, Huxley College of the Environment
Present Professor, Environmental Studies, Western Washington University Huxley College of the Environment

Curriculum Vitae

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  • Soil Landscapes (ENVS 427)
  • The Soil Environment (ENVS 327)
  • Map Reading and Analysis (ENVS 220)
  • Climatology (ENVS 326)
  • The Pacific Northwest (ENVS 332)
  • Physical Geography (ENVS 203)


1995 Ph.D., Arizona State University ‐ Department of Geography
1991 M.A., University of California, Davis ‐ Department of Geography
1988 B.S., University of California, Davis ‐ Department of Geography

Contact Information

Environmental Studies
Office: AH 226
Phone: 650-4774


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