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About Adam Kotlarczyk, Ph.D.

Adam Kotlarczyk holds a Ph.D. in American literature and has taught English at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy since 2009; prior to that, he taught college composition and literature.
Adam works to design curricula that adhere to the Emersonian principle that education should seek less to drill than it does to create. He uses his knowledge of American literature to design interactive lesson plans emphasizing experiential and problem-based learning. He enjoys finding new and engaging ways to approach traditional American literature.
Adam also initiated and coordinates the English Department's Award for Excellence in Expository Writing, and founded an IMSA group to participate in National Novel Writing Month. He also coaches the golf team.


Present English Faculty, Illinois Math and Science Academy

Research Interests

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Honors and Awards

  • Winner of the 2017 Tillie Olsen Short Story Award


  • Literary Explorations I: Composition, Rhetoric, and Early American Literature
  • Literary Explorations II: Composition, Rhetoric, and Modern American Literature
  • IMSATube: Nonfiction Film History, Theory, and Production
  • The Idea of the Individual

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