Nuno Garoupa is Professor of Law, Texas A&M University School of Law and holds
the Chair in Research Innovation, Católica Global School of Law, Lisbon, Portugal.
Currently he serves as President of Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, Lisbon,
Portugal. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of York (UK), also holds
an LLM from the University of London. He has a long established research interest in the
economics of law and legal institutions. Nuno has served as Vice-President of the
European Association of Law and Economics (2004-2007), Member of the Boards of the
International Society for New Institutional Economics (2006-2009) and of the Latin
America and Caribbean Law and Economics Association (2009-2011), and co-editor of the
Review of Law and Economics (2004-2010) and of the International Review of Law and
Economics (since 2012). He has been awarded the Spanish Julian Marias Research Prize



Judicial Reputation: A Comparative Theory (with Tom Ginsburg) (2015)

Perceptions of judicial systems around the world range from widespread admiration to utter contempt, and...



O Governo da Justiça (2011)

The governance of the judiciary in Portugal.



Criminal Law and Economics (2009)

Criminal Law and Economics applies economic theory to explain crime, law enforcement, criminal law and...




An Empirical Analysis of Constitutional Review Voting in the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, 2003-2014 (with Jarosław Kantorowicz), Constitutional Political Economy (2016)

Different theories have been developed, mainly in the context of the United States, to explain...



Do Specialized Courts Make a Difference? Evidence from Brazilian State Supreme Courts (with Carolina Arlota), European Business Law Review (2016)

Specialized courts have been a panacea of legal reform in Europe in the last ten...



Explaining Divorce Rate Determinants: New Evidence from Spain (with Dolores Jiménez-Rubio and Virginia Rosales), Applied Economic Letters (2016)

This article develops a first exploratory approach to assess the main determinants of divorce rates...



Punitive Police? Agency Costs, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Procedure (with Dhammika Dharmapala and Richard McAdams), Journal of Legal Studies (2016)

Criminal law enforcement depends on the actions of public agents such as police officers, but...



Do Administrative Courts Favor the Government? Evidence from Medical Malpractice in Spain (with Nuno Garoupa), European Journal of Tort Law (2015)

A standard argument against specialized administrative courts in the tradition of civil law jurisdictions is...


Unpublished Papers


Judicial Independence and Party Politics in the Kelsenian Constitutional Courts: The Case of Portugal (with Sofia AmaralGarcia and Veronica Grembi), University of Illinois Legal Working Paper Series (2008)

In this paper we test to what extent the Kelsenian-type of constitutional judges are independent...



The Unsolvable Dilemma of a Paretian Policymaker (with Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci), George Mason University School of Law Working Papers Series (2004)

In this paper, we argue that social decisionmaking is subject to a fundamental conflict between...



Scope of Liability, The Vanishing Distinction between Negligence and Strict Liability (with Pablo Salvador Coderch, Nuno Garoupa, and Carlos Gomez-Liguerre), Latin American and Caribbean Law and Economics Association (ALACDE) Annual Papers (2004)

Duty of care cannot be used anymore as the touchstone to differentiate negligence from strict...




The Economics of Judicial Councils (with Tom Ginsburg), Berkeley Program in Law & Economics (2007)

In recent decades, many countries around the world have institutionalized judicial councils of some sort....

CASHING BY THE HOUR: WHY LARGE LAWFIRMS PREFER HOURLY FEES OVER CONTINGENT FEES (with Fernando Gomez-Pomar), German Working Papers in Law and Economics (2006)
Regulation of Professions in the US and Europe: A Comparative Analysis, American Law & Economics Association Annual Meetings (2006)
Sentencing Guidelines and TIS Legislation, Judges and Parole Boards: Has Bargaining Power Changed in Sentencing? (with Dhammika Dharmapala and Joanna Shepherd), American Law & Economics Association Annual Meetings (2006)
Sentencing Guidelines, TIS Legislation, and Bargaining Power (with Dhammika Dharmapala and Joanna M. Shepherd), American Law & Economics Association Annual Meetings (2006)