Mireille Hildebrandt started her academic life with a taste of cultural
anthropology, later switching to law. She took her law degree from Leyden University in
the Netherlands and defended her PhD thesis in the philosophy of criminal law at Erasmus
University Rotterdam, integrating legal anthropology and legal history to develop a
hermeneutic phenomenology of punishment. 

Presently she holds the chair of Smart Environments, Data Protection and the Rule of Law
at the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS) at Radboud University
Nijmegen. She is Associate Professor of Jurisprudence at the Erasmus School of Law and
since 2002 she has been seconded part-time to the Centre for Law Science Technology and
Society (LSTS) at Vrije Universiteit Brussels. Her research interests concern the
relationship between the emerging socio-technical infrastructure (internet, Web 2.0,
Ambient Intelligence) and the autonomy of the human subject that is both presumed and
produced by constitutional democracy. Together with Serge Gutwirth she edited
'Profiling the European Citizen' (Springer 2008) and with Antoinette Rouvroy
'Law, Human Agency and Autonomic Computing' (Routledge 2011). 




In this contribution the notion of Big Data is discussed in relation to the monetisation...



Balance or Trade-off? Online Security Technologies and Fundamental Rights, Philosophy @ Technology (2013)

In this contribution I argue that the image of the balance is often used to...



Extraterritorial Jurisdiction to Enforce in Cyberspace. Bodin, Schmitt, Grotius in Cyberspace., University of Toronto Law Journal (2013)

What is at stake if justice authorities decide to hack a computer system that is...



Legal Protection by Design. Objections and Refutations, Legisprudence (2011)

To cope with an increasingly proactive technological infrastructure a so-called vision of Ambient Law has...



The Challenges of Ambient Law and Legal Protection in the Profiling Era (with Bert-Jaap Koops), The Modern Law Review (2010)

Ambient Intelligence is a vision of a future in which autonomic smart environments take an...




The Value of Personal Data. Digital Enlightenment Yearbook 2013 (with Kieron O'Hara and Michael Waidner) (2013)

This is the second Yearbook of The DIGITAL ENLIGHTENMENT FORUM. The Forum aims to provide...



The Rule of Law in Cyberspace (2013)

This is a translation of my inaugural lecture at Radboud University Nijmegen. The Dutch version...



Privacy, Due Process and the Computational Turn. The Philosophy of Law Meets the Philosophy of Technology (with Katja De Vries) (2013)

Privacy, Due process and the Computational Turn: The Philosophy of Law Meets the Philosophy of...



Human Law and Computer Law: Comparative Perspectives (with Jeanne Gaakeer) (2013)

The focus of this book is on the epistemological and hermeneutic implications of data science...



De rechtsstaat in cyberspace? (2011)

Cyberspace is inmiddels overal. Wat tien jaar geleden misschien nog een aparte niet-fysieke wereld leek...


Contributions to Books


Introduction to The Value of Personal Data (with Kieron O'Hara and Michael Waidner), The Value of Personal Data. Digital Enlightenment Forum Yearbook 2013 (2013)

This Chapter provides an introduction to and overview of the 2013 Yearbook of the Digital...



The Dawn of a Critical Transparency Right for the Profiling Era, Digital Enlightenment Yearbook 2012 (2012)

Potential consumers are increasingly profiled to detect their habits and preferences in order to provide...



Criminal Liability and 'Smart' Environments, Philosophical Foundations of the Criminal Law (2011)

The spread of smart applications touches the foundations of the criminal law, notably causality, wrongfulness,...



Privacy na de 'computationele wending', De transparante samenleving. Jaarboek ICT en samenleving 2011 (2011)

In deze bijdrage zal ik mij richten op de gevolgen van het doorzoeken van grote...



Law at a Crossroads: Losing the Thread of Regaining Control? The Collapse of Distance in Real Time Computing, Working Paper presented at the International Conference on Tilting Perspectives on Regulating Technologies, 10-11 December 2008 at the TILT institute of Tilburg University, see http://www.tilburguniversity.nl/faculties/law/research/tilt/conference/ (2010)

Control at a distance (cybernetics) has been one of the achievements of modern law. Since...




Legal Protection by Design in the Smart Grid (2013)

This report was commissioned by the Smart Energy Collective (SEC), a consortium of 26 companies...


Working Papers


Oordeelsvorming door mens en machine: heuristieken, algoritmes en legitimatie (2011)

Gezien de ontwikkelingen op het terrein van ‘data mining’, ‘machine learning’, en neurale netwerken is...



Human rights as preconditions for intercultural society (2010)

In this contribution human rights will be considered not simply as conditions for an intercultural...



Selves and Things. Dubravna Ugresic and Profiling Technologies (2009)

In her humourous and painfull descriptions of the lives of (former) Yugoslavians, Dubravna Ugresic keenly...




The Meaning and the Mining of Legal Texts, The Computational Turn in the Humanities (2010)

Positive law, inscribed in legal texts, entails an authority not inherent in literary texts, generating...



Grensbewegingen tussen technologie en recht, Seminar Book Presentation Facing the Limits of the Law (2009)

Dit is de Nederlandstalige introductie van mijn hoofdstuk 'Technology and the end of law' in...