Dr. Mary Pritchard received her Ph.D. in experimental psychology with an emphasis in
cognitive/social from the University of Denver, in 1999, and joined the Boise State
University Psychology Department in 2004. Dr. Pritchard has research interests in health
psychology, including health behaviors of college students and adolescents, obesity,
eating disordered behaviors, body image, self-esteem, how personality impacts health,
athlete stress and health, risky health behaviors, prejudice, and aging. A prolific
writer, Dr. Pritchard has published in Eating and Weight Disorders, Personality and
Individual Differences, and Academic Exchange Quarterly. 



Media Influence on Drive for Thinness and Drive for Muscularity (with Brooke Cramblitt), Sex Roles (2014)

The present study investigated relationships between media influence (exposure, self-comparison to media ideals and internalization...



Do Body Image Investment and Evaluation Relate to Bulimic Symptoms in U.S. Collegiate Men and Women in the Same Way?, Psychology of Men & Masculinity (2014)

Although research suggests that body image investment (i.e., drive for muscularity, orientation toward appearance, preoccupation...



What Predicts Drive for Muscularity in Collegiate Athletes v. Non-Athletes? (with Alli Nielsen), Athletic Insight (2014)

In the past decade, research has begun to focus not only on dieting and exercise...



Media's Influence on the Drive for Muscularity in Undergraduates (with Brooke Cramblitt), Eating Behaviors (2013)

Although research has found that body ideals presented by the media influence women's body dissatisfaction,...



Analysis of Gender Differences in Self-Statements and Mood Disorders (with Robert DeVore), VISTAS: Effective Counseling Interventions, Tools, and Techniques (2013)

Over 25% of adult Americans suffer from a mental disorder each year, with depression and...


Contributions to Books


Mending Broken Fences, Inspiration for a Woman's Soul™: Choosing Happiness (2015)

Tears streamed freely down my face as I watched waves crash on the beach.



Predicting Exercise Dependence in Athletes v. Non-Athletes (with Alli Nielsen), Sport Psychology Insights (2012)


Facilitating Preventative Mental Health Interventions for College Students: Institutional and Individual Strategies (with Theodore W. McDonald and R. Eric Landrum), Stress and Mental Health of College Students (2006)

The college student experience, although often exciting, empowering, and invigorating, can also be stressful, anxiety...



Impact of Integrative Restoration (iRest) Meditation on Perceived Stress Levels in Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer Outpatients (with Patt Elison-Bowers and Bobbie Birdsall), Rocky Mountain Psychological Association (2009)

The Influence of Gender Roles on Disordered Eating in Undergraduates (with Patt Elison-Bowers and Bobbie Birdsall), Rocky Mountain Psychological Association (2009)

Habits of the Heart: A Meditation Practice (with Bobbie Birdsall and Patt Elison-Bowers), Idaho Counseling Association (2009)

Sponsored Student Publications


College Adaptation Among Traditional and Non-traditional College Students (2012)

Although research has established several factors related to college adjustment in traditional college students (e.g.,...



The Effects of Dual Enrollment Courses: Do They Prepare Students for College? (2012)

The focus on academic success starts early for many students. For example, many high school...



Drive for Muscularity and Drive for Thinness: The Impact of Pro-Anorexia Websites (2011)

In recent years, websites that stress the message of thinness as the ideal and only...



Dissemination and Implementation of Alternative Treatment Methods into Idaho’s Unipolar Mood Disorder Treatment (2010)

Research has documented the effects of some alternative methods on mood: exercise (Legrand & Heuze,...