I am an evolutionary biologist with a focus on plant breeding system evolution.
Plants exhibit a wide range of breeding systems across families, species and populations.
I am interested in how processes within and among populations interact to maintain
breeding system polymorphisms. For this research, I use formal and informal models, field
studies, genetic markers, and greenhouse experiments. 

Gynodioecy theory


Merging theory and mechanism in studies of gynodioecy (with Lynda F. Delph and Pascal Touzet), Trends in Ecology and Evolution (2007)

Gynodioecy research


Evaluation of the cost of restoration of male fertility in Brassica napus (with Benjamin R. Montgomery, Gregory G. Brown, and Lynda F. Delph), Botany (2014)

Gynodioecy frequently results from the interplay of mitochondrial cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) and nuclear fertility-restoration...


Ecological effects on male fertility restoration in cytonuclear gynodioecy (with Christina Caruso and Andrea Case), First Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology (2012)


Pollen viability across a landscape: geographic variation in the cost of male-fertility restoration in gynodioecious Lobelia siphilitica (with Andrea Case and Christina Caruso), The 24th Annual Conference of the Plant Population Biology Section of the Ecological Society of Germany, Switzerland and Austria (GfÖ) (2011)

Genetic architecture of weedy plant populations