Jaime Luque joined the Wisconsin School of Business as assistant professor in the
Department of Real Estate and Urban Land Economics in September 2012. Jaime has
previously taught at the Department of Economics at the Carlos III University of Madrid. 

Jaime’s academic research focuses on securities and mortgage markets, urban economics,
and public policy and central banking. Jaime’s research has been published in journals
such as Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Public Economics, and Regional Science and
Urban Economics. He has also written opinion pieces for the Financial Times, Expansion
and La Repubblica, as well as for the Vox.eu and Eurointelligence economics op-ed sites.

Securities and Mortgage Markets

Endogenous Formation of Security Exchanges (with Marta Faias) (2015)

A Theory of Subprime Mortgage Lending (with Timothy Riddiough) (2015)

Leverage, Security Bubbles and The Regulation of Repo Markets (with Jean-Marc Bottazzi and Mario Pascoa) (2015)


Securities Market Theory: Possession, Repo and Rehypothecation (with Jean-Marc Bottazzi and Mario Pascoa), Journal of Economic Theory (2012)

Public Policy, International Finance and Central Banking

Dollar Shortage, Central Bank Actions, and the Cross Currency Basis (with Jean-Marc Bottazzi and Mario Pascoa) (2015)


A Volatility-based Theory of Fiscal Union Desirability (with Massimo Morelli and José Tavares), Journal of Public Economics (2014)


Did the Euro Change the Effect of Fundamentals on Growth and Uncertainty? (with Abderrahim Taamouti), B. E. Journal of Macroeconomics (2014)

Urban Economics and Commercial Real Estate

Hospital Location and Catchment Areas (with Elad Dokow and David Vanness) (2015)

Popular Writing


The euro and economic uncertainty in debt crises (with Abderrahim Taamouti), VoxEU.org (2012)


The case for a fiscal union beyond the Eurobond (with Massimo Morelli and José Tavares), Eurointelligence (2011)


L'unione fiscal svolta per l'Europa (with Massimo Morelli and José Tavares), La Repubblica (2011)