Before joining SHU in 2005, Kittipong had taught a variety of MIS courses including
System Analysis and Design, Electronic Commerce, Introduction to Management Information
Systems, and programming courses at AuburnUniversity. His primary teaching at SHU
includes Dynamics of Information Technology and Computer-based Business Problem Solving. 

Dr. Kittipong's research interest covers electronic commerce subjects and
information system issues within organization. He is currently working on several
research areas including critical success factors for e-commerce in developing countries,
cross-cultural gender-stereotyping of computing, and information-system-related ethical
issues in education. He also presents his research annually at the American Conference on
Information Systems (AMCIS) and the national Decision Sciences Institute conference

Ph.D. in MIS from Auburn University in 2005 

MS in Management of Technology (MOT) from University of Alabama in Huntsville in 1998 

BS in Mathematics from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok Thailand in 1995 



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The idea of an electronic textbook (e-textbook) is nothing new. Among benefits of e-textbooks are...



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