Julie DeCesare is Assistant Professor and Commons Librarian, Head of Education &
Research at Providence College Phillips Memorial Library. Prior to her current position,
she was Digital Media Reference Librarian at Boston College. She has been adjunct faculty
at Marlboro College Graduate Center in Brattleboro, VT since 2008. She teaches Digital
Research Technologies in the Educational Technology Graduate Program. Her interests are
in multimedia and visual information on the Internet, as well as trends in digital
research and publishing. 



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In less than 10 years the availability of digitally converted or born digital video, has...




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Alexander Street Press (ASP) has become a leader in providing libraries and institutions access to...



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This is a review of the website ArtBabble, which was created by the Indianapolis Museum...


Contributions to Books

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YouTube and other massively popular video-sharing (like Vimeo) websites have become familiar resources for librarians,...



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iHelp: The Support for Technology and Learning Implementation Team (aka iHelp) is a collaboration with...



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The Phillips Memorial Library staff demonstrates, step-by-step, how to develop an iPad lending program at...