Jay Dratler, Jr. is the Goodyear Professor of Intellectual Property at The
University of Akron School of Law. He is the principal author of a two-volume treatise,
Intellectual Property Law: Commercial, Creative, and Industrial Property (1991), the sole
author of another two-volume treatise, Licensing of Intellectual Property (1994), and the
principal author of a one-volume treatise, Cyberlaw: Intellectual Property in the Digital
Millennium (2000). Each treatise is updated twice per year. Professor Dratler teaches
Copyright, Licensing, Cyberlaw, Trade Secrets, Computer Law and Introduction to
Intellectual Property. Prior to joining the Akron Law faculty in 1998, Professor
Dratler’s academic career included visiting professorships at the University of New
Mexico School of Law and Boalt Law School at the University of California (Berkeley) and
a Fulbright Fellowship at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He also
served as a Professor of Law at the University of Hawaii and has lectured internationally
in Australia, France, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Russia. Professor Dratler is admitted
to practice before the California and Ohio state bars, as well as before the U.S. Supreme
Court and the U.S. District Courts for the Northern District of California and the
District of Hawaii. His professional memberships include the America Law Institute and
the advisory board to the Intellectual Property Strategist. Professor Dratler received an
A.B. degree from the University of California (Berkeley), M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in
physics from the University of California (San Diego), and a J.D. degree from Harvard Law
School, where he was articles editor of the Harvard Law Review. 



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Palsgraf, Principles of Tort Law, and the Persistent Need for Common-Law Judgment in IP Infringement Cases, Akron Intellectual Property Journal (2009)

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Alice in Wonderland Meets the U.S. Patent System, Akron Law Review (2005)

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Licensing Intellectual Property in the Information Age (with Kenneth L. Port) (2005)

Law casebook.



Licensing of Intellectual Property (1994)

With updates 1 through 24.


Unpublished Papers


Bush v. Boumediene: The Court is Back (2008)

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