Glen Mays studies strategies for organizing and financing public health strategies,
preventive services, and prevention policy, with a focus on estimating the health and
economic effects of these efforts. He directs the National Coordinating Center for Public
Health Services and Systems Research funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and
based at the University of Kentucky. As part of this work, he directs the Public Health
Practice-Based Research Networks Program, which brings together more than 1000 public
health agencies and researchers from around the nation to study innovations in practice.
Mays' work also includes the National Longitudinal Survey of Public Health Systems,
which since 1998 has followed a nationally representative cohort of U.S. communities to
examine the implementation and impact of multi-organizational public health strategies.
He earned a A.B. degree in political science from Brown University, M.P.H. and Ph.D.
degrees in health services research from UNC-Chapel Hill, and completed a postdoctoral
fellowship in health economics at Harvard Medical School. 

Presentations and Lectures


Using Research and ROI to Drive Partnerships in Public Health Delivery Systems, Global Forum on Research and Innovation for Health 2015, Council on Health Research for Development (2015)

Stimulating public-private partnerships (PPP) for health and economic development initiatives requires research that can answer...



Estimating Patient-Centered and Community-Centered Treatment Effects: Examples from Medical Care and Public Health, University of Kentucky Center for Health Services Research Seminar Series (2015)

Health services researchers face growing clinical and policy imperatives for estimating how the effectiveness of...



Foundational Public Health Services and Health System Reform: Evidence, Economics, and Implementation, Annual Meeting of the Association of Directors of Health Promotion and Education (2015)

The Institute of Medicine's 2012 report on public health financing recommended a national initiative to...



Fundamentals of Economic Evaluation for Public Health, Texas Department of State Health Services Workshop on Economic Evaluation Methods (2015)

This workshop provides an overview of the design and implementation of economic evaluation studies of...



Medicaid Crowd-out of Other Public Health Spending: Modeling Economic and Health Effects, International Association of Health Economics World Congress (2015)

MOTIVATION: Thirty states are expanding Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as of...




Impact of Economic Constraints on Public Health Delivery Systems Structures (with Sharla A. Smith, Holly C. Felix, J Mick Tilford, Geoff M. Curran, and Michael A. Preston), American Journal of Public Health (2015)

OBJECTIVES: We estimated the effect of economic constraints on public health delivery systems (PHDS) density...



Hospital Contributions to the Delivery of Public Health Activities in US Metropolitan Areas: National and Longitudinal Trends (with Rachel A. Hogg and Cezar B. Mamaril), American Journal of Public Health (2015)

OBJECTIVES: We investigated changes in hospital participation in local public health systems and the delivery...



Economic Shocks and Public Health Protections in U.S. Metropolitan Areas (with Rachel A. Hogg), American Journal of Public Health (2015)

Objectives. We examined public health system responses to economic shocks using longitudinal observations of public...



Improving Population Health by Learning from Systems and Services (with F. Douglas Scutchfield), American Journal of Public Health (2015)

Research on the larger constellations of systems and services that influence population health should inform...



Improving public health preparedness capacity measurement: development of the local health department preparedness capacities assessment survey (with Mary V. Davis, James Bellamy, Christine A. Bevc, and Cammie Marti), Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness (2014)

OBJECTIVE: To address limitations in measuring the preparedness capacities of health departments, we developed and...


Contributions to Books


Public Health Services and Systems Research: Building the Science of Public Health Practice (with Paul K. Halverson and William J. Riley), Contemporary Public Health: Principles, Practice, and Policy (2013)

This chapter critically reviews the growing field of scientific inquiry devoted to the study of...



The Organizational Landscape of the American Public Health System (with Paul K. Halverson and Rachel Hogg), Contemporary Public Health: Principles, Practice, and Policy (2013)

U.S. public health activities are performed through a constellation of organizations operating at national, state,...

The American Health Care System: Structure and Function (with F. Douglas Scutchfield), Maxcy-Rosaneau-Last Public Health and Preventive Medicine (2007)

Research Briefs and Reports


Is Public Health Spending Bad For Your Health? A Cautionary Tale In Measurement (2015)

A new study of Georgia's public health financing mechanisms takes a questionable approach to measurement...



Estimating the Costs of Foundational Public Health Services (2015)

The Institute of Medicine’s 2012 report on public health financing called for the convening of...



Defining Comprehensive Public Health Delivery Systems (2015)

This brief describes the methodology for defining Comprehensive Public Health Delivery Systems using data from...



Comparative Report of Results from the Multi-Network Practice and Outcome Variation Examination Study (MPROVE) (with Lava Timsina) (2014)

This comparative report displays results from the Multi-Network Practice and Outcome Variation Examination (MPROVE) Study....



Annual Bibliography of the National Coordinating Center for Public Health Services & Systems Resesarch, Year Four (with Anna G. Hoover, Lizeth Fowler, and Ann Kelly) (2014)

The National Coordinating Center for Public Health Services and Systems Research (PHSSR), together with the...


Media and Press


Sedgwick County health budget cuts could contribute to 65 deaths a year (by Wichita Eagle Reporter Gabriella Dunn), Wichita Eagle (2015)

A study by Glen Mays on the health effects attributable to public health spending is...



In light of the Supreme Court ruling, some answers about the ACA in Kentucky (by Lexington Herald Leader reporter Mary Meehan), Lexington Herald Leader (2015)

Glen Mays comments on the ACA implementation and early impact in Kentucky in the wake...



How Ebola Exposes Diminishing US Investment in Public Health (by International Business Times author Catharine Dunn), International Business Times (2014)

In an interview with International Business Times writer Catherine Dunn, Glen Mays discusses how recent...



What Would Happen to Kynect if the Affordable Care Act Were Repealed? (by WFPL Reporter Ja'nel Johnson), WFPL News (2014)

Glen Mays is interviewed about the potential effects of a repeal of the Affordable Care...



Amid Ebola cases, Cory Gardner blasts CDC spending on 'jazzercise,' 'urban gardens' (by Louis Jacobson, PolitiFact and Tampa Bay Times), PolitiFact, Tampa Bay Times (2014)

Glen Mays comments for a PolitiFact story on political statements made concerning the ACA Prevention...


Research Instruments and Protocols


Background on the Program Management Office for the National Health Security Preparedness Index at the University of Kentucky (2014)

The University of Kentucky’s National Health Security and Preparedness Index (NHSPI) Program Management Office is...



MPROVE Measure Compilation Template (2013)

This template provides the data element layout and structure for compiling measures of local public...



Research Protocol for the Multi-Network Practice and Outcome Variation (MPROVE) Study (2013)

The Multi-Network Practice and Outcome Variation Examination Study (MPROVE) engages public health practice-based research networks...



Public Health Delivery and Cost Studies (2013)

This program provides public health PBRNs with research funding to implement studies that identify the...



Data Acquisition Plan for the Public Health Multi-Network Practice and Outcome Variation (MPROVE) Study (2012)

This brief details the steps to be followed in obtaining and compiling data on the...