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About Yasin Elshorbany

My research is interdisciplinary in nature and it focuses on atmospheric chemistry, environmental sustainability, arctic climate system and climate change as well as the economic cost associated with climate change. We apply a suite of numerical models of multiple complexities that ranges from explicit 0D box models (ideal for extensive filed measurements) to 3D regional and global earth system models (for large-scale studies and for comparison with remote sensing data). We also use integrated assessment models (IAM) to evaluate the economic impacts of climate change, e.g., to evaluate economic risks related to flood and sea level rise. I have recently received an NSF-award to investigate the HONO re-noxification process in the marine boundary layer, in collaboration with Dr. Xianliang Zhou of the University of New York-Albany, and will soon offer two student internships to join my research group and work on the field measurements and modeling aspects of the project. I am also interested in developing new interdisciplinary courses in chemistry, environmental sustainability and climate change.


Present Assistant Professor, University of South Florida College of Arts & Sciences
2017 - 2018 Research Scientist, University of Colorado, Boulder
2014 - 2017 Research Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


2018 - Present An Investigation into Daytime HONO Chemistry in the Marine Boundary Layer
National Science Foundation - 1900795
Collaborative Research
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  • CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry I


Ph.D., Bergische Universitat Gesamthochschule Wuppertal

Contact Information

Office: DAV 234
Phone: 727-873-4494


Peer Reviewed Articles (27)