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Varieties of Asian Capitalism: Toward an Institutional Theory of Asian Enterprise
Asia Pacific Journal of Management (2009)
  • Michael Carney
  • Eric Gedajlovic
  • Xiaohua Yang, University of San Francisco

In this paper we respond to calls for an institution-based perspective on strategy. With its emphasis upon mimetic, coercive, and normative isomorphism, institutional theory has earned a deterministic reputation and seems an unlikely foundation on which to construct a theory of strategy. However, a second movement in institutional theory is emerging that gives greater emphasis to creativity and agency. We develop this approach by highlighting co-evolutionary processes that are shaping the varieties of capitalism (VoC) in Asia. To do so, we examine the extent to which the VoC model can be fruitfully applied in the Asian context. In the spirit of the second movement of institutional theory, we describe three processes in which firm strategy collectively and intentionally feeds back to shape institutions: (1) filling institutional voids, (2) retarding institutional innovation, and (3) deploying institutional escape. We outline the key contributions contained in the articles of this Special Issue and discuss a research agenda generated by the VoC perspective.

  • VoC,
  • Institutions,
  • Co-evolution,
  • Actor-centered theory,
  • Institutional void,
  • Institutional innovation,
  • Institutional escape,
  • Institutional entrepreneurship,
  • Firm strategy
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Michael Carney, Eric Gedajlovic and Xiaohua Yang. "Varieties of Asian Capitalism: Toward an Institutional Theory of Asian Enterprise" Asia Pacific Journal of Management Vol. 26 Iss. 3 (2009)
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