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About William L. Romine

Without appropriate scales for temperature and pressure, problems related to the behavior of gases would likely remain unsolved to this day. Likewise, we must have valid and reliable scales for cognitive and affective constructs like scientific reasoning and interest in science before we can begin to quantify how these capacities change in the context of instruction. My research is focused on just this: I construct, validate, and utilize measures to understand how innovative instructional contexts help students of all ages. I am particularly interested in exploring the utility of small-scale, feasible inquiry-based teaching methods which utilize ubiquitous technologies in helping students learn and appreciate science.
My current work has centered on development and validation of measures for knowledge of influenza, acids and bases, and macroevolution. I have also developed valid measures to understand the effects of technology- and research-based instruction on students’ interest in science, and their ability to see the complexity in science-related social issues. I enjoy the fresh perspectives that students bring, and look forward to supporting students in their own innovative projects related to measurement in science education.


2014 - Present Assistant Professor, Wright State University Biological Sciences
2017 Associate Professor, Wright State University Biological Sciences

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Biological Sciences 221B
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