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About Dr. William Brewer

Dr. William “Bill” Brewer joined Appalachian State University’s Department of English in 1987. He researches British Romantic literature, a literary period whose themes informand remain relevant tomuch of modern-day culture. During this period, according to Brewer, authors wrote about humanity’s connection to nature, the growth of suburbia, women’s rights, disabilities, the performativity of gender, and an ethic of care for animals.

Brewer has published three monographs, edited three collections of essays, edited scholarly editions of Romantic-era novels, plays and essays, and published numerous essays on literature of the British Romantic period. He is also book review editor for European Romantic Review. Currently, he is writing about dueling and other forms of interpersonal violence during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. In 2016, he edited the first reprinting in over a century of Regina Maria Roche’s classic and best-selling novel, “The Children of the Abbey” (1796). His introduction to the book discusses the work’s influence on Jane Austen and calls for reconsideration of Roche as an important early Irish novelist.

Areas of Expertise
British Romantic literature1789 (the French Revolution) to 1837 (reign of Queen Victoria)
Gender issues
Women’s rights
Transgender issues
Ecology and the environment


Present Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, Appalachian State University Department of English

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  • ENG 3740 Studies in Poetry
  • ENG 5870 Romantic Period
  • ENG 3750 Studies in Drama
  • ENG 2040 World Literature Since 1650


M.A., University of Virginia ‐ English
B.A., Havard University ‐ English and American Literature and Languages
Ph.D., University of Virginia ‐ English

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