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About WG Pearson

WG Pearson specializes in work on (mainly queer) sexuality and its intersections with gender, race, indigeneity and class. She explores these issues in three sets of texts -- particularly where these textual areas themselves intersect. These areas are science fiction and speculative fiction, Canadian literature and film, and worldwide Indigenous film cultures. She is the author of the Pioneer Award-winning article "Alien Cryptographies: The View from Queer" and has published widely on queer perspectives on science fiction as well as on contemporary queer cultures in Canada, the US and elsewhere. She is currently finishing a book on contemporary Canadian queer culture and its relationship to discourses of citizenship and belonging; she is also working on a book on John Greyson's film Zero Patience for the Queer Classics series.


Present Associate Professor, Western University Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
Present Associate Professor, Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research, Western University

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Honors and Awards

  • Pioneer Award, Science Fiction Research Association (2000)


  • WS 3445G: Contemporary Queer Topics
  • Film 4474G: Worldwide Indigenous Cinemas
  • Film 2258G: Canadian Cinema: Documents, Storytelling, Experiments

Contact Information

Dr. WG Pearson
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Chair
Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research
University of Western Ontario
ON N5A 3B8
Tel.: 1 519 661-2111 x89211
Fax: 1 519 661-3491

Science Fiction (17)

Sexuality Studies (20)