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About Wendy M Schluchter

Cyanobacteria synthesize, degrade, and modify their light harvesting proteins, called phycobiliproteins, in response to such parameters as light intensity, light wavelength, and nutrient availability.  The phycobiliproteins (phycocyanin, phycoerythrin, and allophycocyanin) absorb light in the visible region between 470-670 nm due to one or more linear tetrapyrroles (bilins) that are attached at cysteine residues.  For most Cys residues on phycobiliproteins, it has been demonstrated that enzymes called bilin lyases are required for proper covalent attachment of the bilins. We characterize how these proteins are made in cyanobacteria.


Present Chair, University of New Orleans
Present Professor, University of New Orleans


Research Interests

Microbiology and Cyanobacteria

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