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About Tim M Conway

Research in Tim Conway’s group aims to understand the geochemistry of trace metals in the marine and earth system, and the role they play as micronutrients and/or toxins in marine biogeochemical cycles, with effects on the global carbon cycle. Researchers working with Dr. Conway employ isotopic techniques including measurement of trace metal (Fe, Zn, Ni, Cd, Cu) isotope ratios by multi-collector HR-ICPMS in a range of materials including aerosol dust, rocks, sediments rain, seawater, ice-cores, marine particles and biological materials. We work closely with national and international collaborators as part of the International GEOTRACES program, working on seawater and other samples collected from all over the world.


Present Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

Curriculum Vitae


2018 - 2021 Collaborative Research: ‘Determining the isotopic signature of iron released via ligand-mediated dissolution of atmospheric dust in the surface ocean
2017 - 2020 Collaborative Research: US GEOTRACES PMT: Tracemetal concentrations and stable isotopes in the North Pacific
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Professional Service and Affiliations

2019 - Present Academic Editor, PLOS One Journal
2019 - Present CMS Student Admissions, USF Committee Assignments
2019 - Present CMS Space Committee, USF Committee Assignments
2019 - Present CMS Integrated Marine Science Exam, USF Committee Assignments
2019 - Present CMS Non Tenure Track Faculty, USF Committee Assignments
2017 - Present Guest Editor, Chemical Geology
2019 CMS Annual Review, USF Committee Assignments
2018 CMS Chemical Oceanography Search, USF Committee Assignments
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Honors and Awards

  • NERC Ph.D. Studentship at the British Antarctic Survey & University of Cambridge (2006-2010)
  • Thomas Hobbs (1631) prize for academic performance in Geological Sciences at BA & MSci (St Catharine’s College, 2006)
  • AGU Editors’ Citation for Excellence in Refereeing (2015) for Global Biogeochemical Cycles


  • OCE 6934 CMS: Grad. Geochemistry
  • GLY 6825C Geosciences: Analytical Techniques in Geology
  • ANT 4183C/ANG 6100 Anthropology: Archaeological Science
  • OCE 6934 CMS: Grad. Principles and Applications of ICPMS
  • OCE 6934 CMS: Grad. New Applications of Stable Isotopes in Ocean Chemistry
  • OCE 6050 CMS: Grad. Core Chemical Oceanography


2006 - 2010 Ph.D., Cambridge University
2002 - 2006 B.A. & M.Sci., Cambridge University

Contact Information

Phone: (727) 553-3408


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