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About Thomas Terleph

Research Interests
Dr. Terleph works in the areas of animal behavior and behavioral neuroscience, conducting research in both the lab and field. Most of Dr. Terleph's work involves the study of animal vocal communication. He has investigated calls and songs, and their neural correlates, in a number of species from birds to mammals. Students in Dr. Terleph's lab have participated in projects that include investigations of the ultrasonic vocalizations of monogamous prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster) and the recording and analysis of songs from the white handed gibbon (Hylobates lar). He maintains a colony of prairie voles in his lab, and has recently begun a project that involves the recording and analysis of vocalizations from a free living population of gibbons in Thailand.
Teaching Responsibilities
BI 111/113, 112/114 Concepts in Biology
FYBI125 Freshman Seminar: Mystery of Human Consciousness
BI 190/191 Seminar on the Health Professions
BI201 Organisms to Populations
BI 205 Essentials of Neuroscience
BI 255 Animal Behavior
BI 305 Behavioral Neurobiology
BI 345 Neurobiology
BI390 Student Research
BI399 Senior Seminar


Present Associate Professor of Biology, Co-Advisor of Pre Health Program, Sacred Heart University

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Honors and Awards

  • Tenure Award September 1, 2013

Contact Information

Academic Bldg SC 217H
College of Arts and Sciences


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