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About Terry Frederick

Terry has worked in education and the health care environment for over 25 years. Starting with a career in Community Outreach and Education, to Under Graduate Medical Curriculum design to Continuing Medical Education Performance/Quality Improvement in health care.

Her education career actually started in radio as an announcer and then doing commercials. Terry enjoys working with interprofessional teams to create education that will leave the participant changed for the better. It is great fun to work on a concept or topic all the way to fruition and delivery. Creating education that matters is a process and understanding that education isn’t always the delivery of information, but can be used to eliminate redundancies, remove barriers and create a flow within each step. Trying to discover the “whys” and then working through building an “out of the box” intervention that allows for effectiveness, efficiency and outcomes that can be documented, is like putting in the last piece of a puzzle. Terry also is a firm believer in fun. Education and learning does not equal serious!


Present Continuing Professional Development Specialist Senior, Advocate Health - Midwest

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