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Injury severity data for front and second row passengers in frontal crashes
Data in Brief
  • Theresa Atkinson, Kettering University
  • Leszek Gawarecki, Kettering University
  • Massoud Tavakoli, Kettering University
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The data contained here were obtained from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration׳s National Automotive Sampling System – Crashworthiness Data System (NASS-CDS) for the years 2008–2014. This publically available data set monitors motor vehicle crashes in the United States, using a stratified random sample frame, resulting in information on approximately 5000 crashes each year that can be utilized to create national estimates for crashes. The NASS-CDS data sets document vehicle, crash, and occupant factors. These data can be utilized to examine public health, law enforcement, roadway planning, and vehicle design issues. The data provided in this brief are a subset of crash events and occupants. The crashes provided are exclusively frontal crashes. Within these crashes, only restrained occupants who were seated in the right front seat position or the second row outboard seat positions were included. The front row and second row data sets were utilized to construct occupant pairs crashes where both a right front seat occupant and a second row occupant were available. Both unpaired and paired data sets are provided in this brief.


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Theresa Atkinson, Leszek Gawarecki and Massoud Tavakoli. "Injury severity data for front and second row passengers in frontal crashes" Data in Brief Vol. 7 (2016) p. 839 - 843 ISSN: 2352-3409
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