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Fourth Year Collaboratory 2010
Cal Poly (2010)
  • Thomas Fowler, IV
Since the 2007/2008 academic year, this interdisciplinary design studio called the Design Collaboratory has been co taught by four faculty members building upon the successful 46-year multi-disciplinary experience of this academic institution cultivating innovative models of practice through an integrated architecture and architectural engineering design studio. This team of professors, with over 40 years of collective cross disciplinary collaborative experience, and students from Architecture and Architectural Engineering Departments participate in a 20-week design studio.

The Design Collaboratory provides for an intensive two-quarter course sequence designed to familiarize undergraduate students with practiced based knowledge and application for how interdisciplinary teams can work together to design buildings. All discipline students have a seat at the building design table and therefore students learn the fundamental principles for negotiation and building systems integration. Students are provided a unique opportunity, not provided anywhere else in the curriculum, where they are all fully engaged in the studio design project that is enhanced by the support and collaboration with leading practitioners in the field.
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Thomas Fowler. "Fourth Year Collaboratory 2010" Cal Poly (2010)
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