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Using Role-Play Competition to Teach Selling Skills and Teamwork
Faculty Publications
  • Scott Widmier, Kennesaw State University
  • Terry W. Loe, Kennesaw State University
  • Gary Selden, Kennesaw State University
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Engaging students and motivating them to learn is a continuous challenge for university faculty. This paper discusses the introduction of competition into the classroom in conjunction with experiential role-play exercises as an effective pedagogical tool for teaching selling skills. Role-play sales competition combines three teaching methods and solves several logistical issues related to the use of role-play exercises. These methods are reviewed in the context of sales education and followed by a discussion of the resources and implementation required.
Citation Information
Widmier, Scott, Terry Loe, and Gary Selden. "Using Role-Play Competition to Teach Selling Skills and Teamwork." Marketing Education Review 17.1 (2007): 69-78. Print.