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About Susan E Ramlo

·        I have demonstrated leadership in industry, in academia, and within professional societies with a focus on transformative change.  When I was an industrial physicist my duties included supervision of Quality Assurance, Crystal Growth, and the Applications Lab as well as a leader for product development.  At The University of Akron I have been a program coordinator / director for 20 years, led committees at the department, college, and university level, and provided professional development at the department, college, university, and professional-society levels.  I have served as President of an international professional society, ISSSS, and a regional organization, Ohio Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (OSAAPT); work during my terms included updating By-Laws and seeking new and innovative ways to recruit members, updating the conference/ professional meeting framework, and improving membership involvement within the organizations.  At The University of Akron I have lead teams and committees at the department, college, and university level including curriculum review, program assessment, and professional development.
·        I am nationally recognized as a Physics Education / Physics Education Research (PER) expert and a STEM (science, engineering, technology, and math) education expert.  This recognition is represented through: my selection by the team (based out of Cornel University) to be the physics-education moderator for their international e-print repository; my peer-reviewed journal publications; and my interviews by national periodicals such as The Nerd Scholar and US News & World Report.  As a former industrial physicist with a PhD and 20 years of academic experience at The University of Akron, I am a uniquely qualified STEM education expert and researcher.  For two years, starting in 2011, I was UA’s STEM liaison to the Akron Public Schools’(APS)  STEM MS and STEM HS with duties that include developing innovative secondary school curriculum, providing in-service teachers professional development, facilitating problem-based learning experiences, and producing novel STEM education and career experiences at the university for middle and high school students.  As a member of the STEM Executive Committee (a partnership among UA, APS, the City of Akron, Akron Greater Chamber / Akron Tomorrow, and Invent Now), I shared my expertise in STEM education and experiences as liaison as well as provide input on the development of marketable STEM and PBL programming and training experiences. 
·        Internationally I am a recognized a research methodologist in the Q methodology community(a mixed research method) and the Mixed Methods research community as indicated by my current Executive Committee position of Inaugural Advisor and my past position as President of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity (ISSSS), 2010 ISSSS Conference host, position on the Editorial Board of the society’s journal Operant Subjectivity: the International Journal of Q Methodology, invited presentations at Q conferences, and a book chapter on Q Methodology in the SAGE Handbook of Mixed Methods in Social & Behavioral Research (2nd edition).  I was recently interviewed as one of 12 methodologists with a long-term involvement in mixed methods research for a dissertation at Virginia Tech –  I have been sought as an External Reviewer for RTP candidates whose research includes Q Methodology and/or Mixed Methods Research.  I have worked as a research consultant most often in respect to studying subjectivity using Q methodology within a variety of contexts from program evaluation to caregiving to medical education.
·        I have been recognized for teaching excellence at the department, college, university, regional, state, and national level, including The University of Akron Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award, the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education (NOCHE) Award for Teaching Excellence, Ohio Magazine Excellence in Education feature, and Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (twice).  Whether teaching physics, computer programming, preservice teacher education, or graduate research classrooms, I constantly strive for improved and innovative teaching and learning with infused best practices including inquiry, problem-based learning, collaborative group work, concept-questions/ clickers, and flipped classrooms.  My teaching focuses on the active engagement of students based on cognitive science research.


2014 - Present Professor of Physics (joint appointment), The University of Akron Department of Physics
1996 - Present Program Director - General Technology, The University of Akron Department of Engineering & Science Technology
1994 - Present Professor, General Technology, The University of Akron Department of Engineering & Science Technology
2008 - 2014 Professor of Education (joint appointment), The University of Akron Curricular & Instructional Studies
1988 - 1994 Physicist, Saint Gobain ‐ Harshaw Crystals & Detectors

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • Eastern Educational Research Association Best Paper Award
  • Ohio Magazine, one of the educators in their Excellence in Education feature that includes faculty from across the state of Ohio.
  • Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education (NOCHE) Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Outstanding Teacher-Scholar, The University of Akron


  • Introduction to Q Methodology Workshop
  • Instructional Techniques, Secondary Education/Math
  • Educational Technology
  • Programming for Technology
  • Technical Physics: Heat & Light
  • Technical Physics: Electricity & Magnetism
  • Technical Physics: Mechanics


1995 - 2003 PhD, The University of Akron ‐ Curricular & Instructional Studies
1984 - 1986 Master of Science, Miami University - Oxford ‐ Department of Physics
1980 - 1984 Bachelor of Science, Mount Union College ‐ Physics & Astronomy