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About Stacey Weber-Fève

Stacey Weber-Fève is a specialist of French and Francophone Cinemas. Her early research focused mostly on the re/presentation of women (housewives, working mothers, revolutionaries) in women’s contemporary filmmaking and lifewriting in France, Algeria, and Tunisia. She has published books and articles on filmmakers Coline Serreau, Raja Amari, and Assia Djebar; and writers Simone de Beauvoir, Leïla Sebbar, and Annie Ernaux. Her work then expanded to the study of trans/national cinema with several publications focusing on the graphic novels and films of Marjane Satrapi. In her current research, Weber-Fève is investigating the aesthetic, literary, cultural, political, and personal dimensions of French and Francophone comic narration and performance in contemporary women’s cinema in France. By analyzing both female filmmakers and comedy actresses, her research examines cinematographic constructions and performances of gender, subjectivity, identity, ethnicity, and “nation” through women’s filmmaking, comedy, and stardom.
As a dedicated practitioner, Weber-Fève also seeks ways to explore how second-language research study can directly inform modern language teaching, especially in the design of instructional support materials and curricula. In her scholarship of teaching, Weber-Fève focuses on literacy-based approaches and input-to-output structuring to the teaching and learning of the French language and French/Francophone cinemas, literatures, and cultures across all levels and where they intersect with the use of educational technology both inside and outside the classroom. She has co-authored two textbooks and published numerous articles on integrating language, culture, and authentic texts in modern language instruction and curricula.


Present Associate Professor, Iowa State University Department of World Languages and Cultures

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