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About Dr. Sean P. McBride

Hands-on experimental soft condensed matter physicist in the field of physics with nearly two decades of experience solving a variety of problems in both R1 and R2 level research and teaching driven university institutions. My current research interests at Marshall University stem from research experiences obtained at both Kansas State University and the University of Chicago; these interests include nanoparticle (NP) synthesis, NP super-lattice formation via self-assembly at liquid interfaces, applications of NP self-assembled membranes, and the study of colloids at interfaces. Recent research has primarily focused on using azo dye functionalized polycarbonate membranes for water filtration applications. If interested, see recent peer reviewed work published in: Micromachines @ Previous peer reviewed works published on the synthesis and self-assembly of various 5-10 nm gold core nanoparticles to make nanoparticle-based structures for mechanical strength testing and water filtration applications [Patent No. - WO2013074669 - Nanoparticle-Based Desalination and Filtration System] and studying the line tension parameter of particles at liquid vapor interfaces can be found in:

Nature Communications @
Progress in Surface Science @, specifically section 3.1].

•Ph.D. Physics, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, Dissertation available:
•M.S. Physics, Miami University, Oxford, OH, Thesis available:
•B.S. Physics, Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA

Google Scholar:

Prior to Marshall University, I enjoyed the freedoms and benefits of growing up in a safe tight-knit community in the countryside outside of a small town of only a few thousand people in northeastern Pennsylvania. Near this small town in PA, at Bloomsburg University, I first started to study physics, get involved in hands-on research, and teach my fellow peers and younger students as an undergraduate teaching assistant and tutor. Enjoying both research and teaching led to me to pursue Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantships at Miami University in Oxford, OH, where I earned a terminal Master’s degree, then onto University of Nebraska-Lincoln for a short stint, and then onto Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, where I earned a Ph.D in Physics with a focus in soft-condensed matter physics. My research pursuit continued as a Postdoctoral Scholar at University of Chicago in the James Franck Institute, Gordon Center for Integrative Science. Having many different invaluable experiences in areas where the population stretched from ~ 2,500 to over 2.7 million, I highly sought after an institution with that small-town feel and that same tight-knit community feel I had growing up, yet still have the capability to perform cutting edge research. Enter Marshall University in Fall of 2016.


May 2023 - Present Associate Professor, Marshall University Department of Physics
August 2016 - April 2023 Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Marshall University Department of Physics
2015 - 2016 Instructor of Physics, Kansas State University ‐ Department of Physics
2012 - 2015 Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Chicago, The James Franck Institute ‐ Gordon Center for Integrative Science
2006 - 2012 Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant, Kansas State University ‐ Department of Physics
2009 Visiting Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization ‐ Gottingen, Germany
2005 - 2006 Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant, University of Nebraska - Lincoln ‐ Department of Physics
2003 - 2005 Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant, Miami University - Oxford ‐ Department of Physics
2002 - 2003 Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant/Physics Tutor, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • (2003) Bloomsburg University Department of Physics and Engineering Technology Award in Recognition of Outstanding Achievement as a Student of Physics.
  • (2003) Bloomsburg University, Kozloff Undergraduate Student Research Award
  • (2005) Sigma Xi-Grants-In-Aid of Research Award
  • (2010) National Science Foundation/American Chemical Society Fellowship
  • (2010) Selected to attend the inaugural Faraday Discussion Graduate Research Seminar
  • (2012) Kansas State University Physics Department Graduate Student Research Award
  • (2019) Exceptional Pre-Tenure Evaluation Status
  • (2019) The Future Faces Award - American Institute of Physics
  • (2018-2019) Marshall University Chapter of the Society of Physics Students Distinguished Chapter Award
  • (2019) Most Improved Student Organization Award at Marshall University
  • (2018-2020) Marshall University Nomination for the Pickens-Queen Teaching Award, three consecutive years
  • (2020-2023) Marshall University Chapter of the Society of Physics Students Outstanding Chapter Award
  • (2022) Advisor of The Year Award - Sigma Phi Epsilon, ΣΦΕ, West Virginia Gamma Chapter
  • (2022 - 2023) Nomination for The Society of Physics Students Advisor of The Year Award
  • (2023) Student Success Award


  • Capstones, MS Thesis Research, Graduate Independent Studies (PHY 492/682/685)
  • College Physics II (PHY 203)
  • General Physics II Lab (PHY 204)
  • Adavnced Physics Laboratory (PHY 444/544)
  • General Physics I Lab (PHY 202)
  • Independent Studies in Classical Mechanics & Advanced Lab (PHY 485/586)
  • College Physics I (PHY 201)
  • University Physics I (PHY 211)


2012 PhD, Kansas State University ‐ Physics Department
2005 MS -Terminal Degree, Miami University - Oxford ‐ Physics Department
2003 BS, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania ‐ Physics Department

Contact Information

Marshall University
One John Marshall Drive
Department of Physics
Science Building
Huntington, WV 25755

Office: 152A (304) - 696 - 2758
Lab: 152      (304) - 696 - 8852


Dr. Sean P. McBride, Guest Editor, Special Issue - Accepting Manuscripts Until August 31, 2023 (1)

The SPS Observer Articles - quarterly magazine of SPS published by SPS and the American Institute of Physics (AIP). (3)

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