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About Dr. Scott Marshall

Dr. Scott Marshall holds a Ph.D. in geosciences from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and teaches physical geology, geophysics, and data analysis courses at Appalachian State University. As a researcher, Marshall uses satellite data and mathematical models to better understand earthquake hazards. “The same network of satellites that most people use to find the best coffee in town can also be used to map out earthquakes and faults,” he says.

Marshall’s satellite imagery work has been funded repeatedly by the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), allowing him to map where faults are and how fast they are moving in the Los Angeles and Ventura Basin areas. The data helps California determine which faults are active and which areas are at risk of earthquakes. His expertise is unique in the University of North Carolina system. Marshall notes that this is an exciting time to be an Earth scientist. “We can measure a millimeter of movement per year from  space – accurately,” he said. “The Earth sciences are currently undergoing a data revolution. We are able to make measurements that were simply not possible a decade ago.”

Areas of Expertise
Using satellite data (GPS and InSAR) and mathematical models to better understand earthquake hazards
Imaging the earth’s subsurface using seismic refraction, GPR, electrical resistivity and other geophysical methods


Present Associate Professor, College of Arts of Sciences, Appalachian State University Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences

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Honors and Awards

  • Planning Committee Member and Co-Leader of the Community Modeling Interdisciplinary Group, Southern California Earthquake Center, 2017-present
  • Co-Leader of the Ventura Special Fault Study Area, Southern California Earthquake Center, 2013-17


  • GLY 3455 Quantitative Data Analysis for Earth and Environmental Scientists
  • GLY 3160 Introduction to Geophysics
  • GLY 1101 Introduction to Physical Geology


M.S., University of Idaho ‐ Geology
B.S., Wright State University
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts ‐ Geosciences

Contact Information
828- 265-8680

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