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About Sara Khorshidifard

An Iranian architect from Tehran, I am currently an assistant professor of architecture and an affiliate faculty of the American Culture Studies (ACS) program at Bowling Green State University. I earned my doctorate in architecture from the “Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures” program at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. My experiences range from teaching, to community design, to integrated project delivery, to historic preservation and urban restoration. My design background is both in architecture and landscape architecture, having completed graduate degrees in both programs. My research, teaching and design practices embrace the two major concepts of multidisciplinarity and public scholarship. As a multidisciplinary academic and public scholar, my practices reach out to establish meaningful connections with other knowledge domains and pursue inclusive and socially-responsive solutions and processes through community engagement and advocacy. My research entails a triad trajectory in Urban-Rural Interface Studies, Architectural Education, and Tehran Studies. Overarching goals embrace innovative theories and practices towards the creation of resilient cities and environments, which are driven by place-making and nurturing communities’ connections to their places. In recognition of my past research, I received a number of awards including, but not limited to, the ARCC Kings Medal for Outstanding Research (2011), Dean Bob Greenstreet Honorary Award (2011), Scott Greer Award for Outstanding Urban Research (2010) (granted by UWM’s Urban Studies program, the first to be awarded to a student outside that major), three Chancellor Awards (2007, 2009, and 2010), and a number of smaller Travel Awards and fellowships. My teaching, likewise, strives for enhanced pedagogies that are further generative of social learning experiences, being conducive in terms of awareness on social issues and responding to timely challenges. Prior to doctoral studies, I had practiced architecture for five years in Tehran at a small architectural and planning consulting firm and a large engineering and construction company. 


Present PhD, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Bowling Green State University Architecture and Environmental Design

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Honors and Awards

  • Leadership and Service Award, Community Design Solutions, UWM, Spring 2012
  • Bob Greenstreet Honorary Award, SARUP, UWM, Fall 2011
  • ARCC Kings Medal for Outstanding Research, Spring 2011
  • Scott Greer Award for Outstanding Research in Urban Studies, UWM, 2010
  • Graduate School Chancellor’s Awards, UWM, three times in: Fall 2007, Fall 2009 & Fall 2010

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