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Step Away From the Podium: A Year of “Untethered” Teaching
NW/MET Conference (2015)
  • Ryan Ingersoll, Seattle Pacific University
  • Robbin Riedy, Seattle Pacific University

Our experiment in the untethered classroom is not about the technology—it is not about using the latest, neatest gadgets. This is about facilitating deeper learning; learning that goes beyond rote memorization and surface recall. This year Ryan Ingersoll, the Head of Library Technology, and Robbin Riedy, the Assistant Director of Educational Technology and Media, are facilitating three faculty learning communities on “untethered” teaching. These Communities of Practice are primarily utilizing iPads, Apple TVs and an app called Splashtop in order to re-imagine the classroom in a more collaborative and relationship friendly fashion. Discussions that we have with our faculty include pedagogy, classroom design, collaboration, and active learning, in addition to sessions on how to use and troubleshoot the technology.

In this presentation, Robbin and Ryan will review what they learned over the course of the year and share the results of three surveys, which include a pre and post test, and a weekly 3 minute journal that faculty were required to complete.

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Publication Date
April 22, 2015
Citation Information
Ryan Ingersoll and Robbin Riedy. "Step Away From the Podium: A Year of “Untethered” Teaching" NW/MET Conference (2015)
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