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Mathematical literacy: are we there yet?
ICME-12, Topic Study Group 6: Mathematics Literacy (2012)
  • Ross Turner
As far as I can see, the term ‘mathematical literacy’ is a relatively new addition to the  education lexicon. This phrase and the related terms numeracy, and quantitative  literacy, are used in a variety of ways. The same words take different meanings in  different contexts and have been used differently over time, and this has caused some  difficulties in the debate about critical aspects of mathematical education. It is  important therefore to understand what is intended when these words and phrases are  used in presentations, debates and in the education literature.  This paper represents my struggle to clarify these matters as a lead-in to a discussion  of the particular uses of the term within and related to the OECD’s Programme for  International Student Assessment (PISA), and the ways in which PISA’s use of this  and related terms has changed over the life of this programme. 
  • mathematical literacy,
  • PISA mathematics,
  • mathematics education
Publication Date
July, 2012
Citation Information
Ross Turner. "Mathematical literacy: are we there yet?" ICME-12, Topic Study Group 6: Mathematics Literacy (2012)
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