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Exploring the Emergence of Virtual Human Resource Development
Advances in Developing Human Resources (2010)
  • Dr. Rochell R. McWhorter, University of Texas at Tyler
Technology is permeating our personal and professional lives and is having an enormousimpact on the field of human resource development (HRD). Given the growing interestthat scholars have had for integrating technology into HRD practice and research,Virtual HRD (VHRD) has emerged as a new area of inquiry in the field of HRD. Thisarticle begins by defining and exploring the emergence of the construct of VHRD. Itreviews the evolution of technology from the inception of the Academy of HumanResource Development and integrates selected literature that supports the emergenceof VHRD in the field of HRD to include sophisticated, immersive environmentsappropriate for HRD practice. This article then introduces the contents of this specialissue and articulates the four-part format that will be used to do so. Lastly, a summaryis provided that serves as a call to action for HRD scholars and practitioners to morethoughtfully consider the impact of VHRD on the future of the HRD field, to disseminatethe accumulated research that has been done thus far, as well as to promote awarenessof VHRD as a compelling HRD construct before other fields lay claim to this territoryand obfuscate the contributions that have already been made toward understanding,defining, and researching this emergent construct.
  • VHRD,
  • Virtual HRD,
  • virtual teams,
  • virtual world
Publication Date
December, 2010
Publisher Statement
First published in Advances in Developing Human Resources.
Citation Information
McWhorter, R. R. (2010). Exploring the Emergence of Virtual Human Resource Development. Advances in Developing Human Resources, 12(6), 623 – 631.