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Seeking Empirical Validity in an Assurance of Learning System
Journal of Education for Business (2014)
  • Sherry L Avery
  • Dr. Rochell R. McWhorter, University of Texas at Tyler
  • Roger Lirely, University of Texas at Tyler
  • H. Harold Doty
Business schools have established measurement tools to support their assurance of learning (AoL) systems and to assess student achievement of learning objectives. However, business schools have not required their tools to be empirically validated, thus ensuring that they measure what they are intended to measure. The authors propose confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) be utilized by business schools to evaluate AoL measurement systems. They illustrate a CFA model used to evaluate the measurement tools at their college. The authors’ approach is in its initial steps, currently evaluating individual measurement tools, but the authors are working toward developing a system that can evaluate the entire AoL measurement system.
  • AACSB,
  • assessment,
  • assurances of learning,
  • confirmatory factor analysis
Publication Date
Publisher Statement
First published in the Journal of Education for Business.
Citation Information
Avery, S. L., McWhorter, R. R., Lirely, R., & Doty, D. H. (2014). Seeking Empirical Validity in an Assurance of Learning System. Journal of Education for Business, 89(3), 156–164.