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About Robert E McCormick

Bobby McCormick is the Interim Dean of Clemson’s College of Business and Behavioral Science. He graduated from Clemson University with a BA in Economics in 1972, an MA in Environmental Economics in 1974, and earned a Ph.D. in Economics from Texas A&M University in 1978. Formerly, he held appointments at the University of Rochester, Virginia Tech; Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala; Consortium International MBA, Asolo, Italy; and was a faculty member in the John E. Walker Department of Economics from 1982 – 2007. During his time at Clemson, Bobby won numerous teaching awards including The Prince Innovative Teacher of the Year (1998), the Alumni Professor of the Year (2000), the MBA Professor of the Year (several occasions), and the National Scholars Mentor Award (2004 and 2006). He was named BB&T Scholar and served as Director of the BB&T Center for Economic Education at Clemson from 2000 – 2007. Since 2001, Bobby has served as a Senior Fellow at Property Environment Economy Research Center in Bozeman, MT. He has also served as consultant to a number of U.S. and foreign governmental agencies, the U.S. Congress and several state legislatures. Bobby is currently an associate editor of the Journal of Corporate Finance and is a former associate editor of the Southern Economic Journal. He is a consultant in corporate financial affairs, litigation matters, golf economics, entrepreneurship, organizational structure and architecture, business planning and development, and financial valuation. He does a fair amount of environmental consulting, particularly in the arena of ecosystem services valuation. His scholarly research covers a rather broad spectrum in the area of microeconomics including the areas of antitrust, public choice, regulation, sports and economics, managerial and financial economics, environmental economics, and general microeconomic theory. Other areas include managerial economics, energy and gambling markets, and the regulatory environment. Bobby’s most recent research interests are focused in innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.


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