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About Robert Erlewine

Robert Erlewine is an Associate Professor in the Religion Department at Illinois Wesleyan.
He teaches modern and post-modern religious thought, especially its Jewish, Christian and post-Christian varieties; the Jewish religious tradition; the problem of evil; philosophers reading the Bible; and philosophical and theological accounts of pluralism and tolerance.
Professor Erlewine holds graduate degrees from Boston College (M.A. in Philosophy) and Rice University (Ph.D in Religious Studies). He is the author of "Monotheism and Tolerance: Recovering a Religion of Reason" with Indiana University Press. He has published articles in Jewish Studies Quarterly, Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy, and Journal of Visual Arts Practice. He has written on such figures as Hermann Cohen, Moses Mendelssohn, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Franz Rosenzweig, Moses Maimonides, and Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, and on such topics as the Jewish responses to German-Protestant Biblicism, the problematic relationship between theology and philosophy in Jewish-Christian dialogue, and ethical problems involved in representing the Holocaust.
Currently, Professor Erlewine is working on American Jewish thought, secularism, and the difficult relationship between religion and politics in a religiously and culturally diverse world.
Professor Erlewine has been appointed the Managing Editor of the Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy.


Present Associate Professor, Department of Religion, Illinois Wesleyan University

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