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Time-dependent strength of colloidal gels
  • S. Manley, Harvard University
  • Benny Davidovitch, Harvard University
  • Neil R. Davies, Harvard University
  • L. Cipelletti, Universite Montpellier II
  • A. E. Bailey, Harvard University
  • Rebecca J. Christianson, Olin College of Engineering
  • U. Gasser, University of Konstanz
  • V. Prasad, University of California - Santa Barbara
  • P. N. Segre, Harvard University
  • M. P. Doherty, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • S. Sankaran, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • A. L. Jankovsky, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • B. Shiley, Zin Technologies, Inc.
  • J. Bowen, Zin Technologies, Inc.
  • J. Eggers, Zin Technologies, Inc.
  • C. Kurta, Zin Technologies, Inc.
  • T. Lorik, Zin Technologies, Inc.
  • D. A. Weitz, Harvard University
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Colloidal silica gels are shown to stiffen with time, as demonstrated by both dynamic light scattering and bulk rheological measurements. Their elastic moduli increase as a power law with time, independent of particle volume fraction; however, static light scattering indicates that there are no large-scale structural changes. We propose that increases in local elasticity arising from bonding between neighboring colloidal particles can account for the strengthening of the network, while preserving network structure.

© (2005) American Physical Society. The article appeared in Physical Review Letters, Vol 95, and may be found at

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S. Manley, Benny Davidovitch, Neil R. Davies, L. Cipelletti, et al.. "Time-dependent strength of colloidal gels" (2005)
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