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About Rebecca J. Christianson

Colloidal suspensions (suspensions of micron-sized particles in liquid) are an important part of nature (blood), industry (slurries and polishes) and everyday life (toothpaste and mud). Much of the research on colloidal suspensions has been done on model systems of non-interacting uniformly charged monodisperse spheres. My research is aimed at understanding the phase behavior of more complex colloidal systems: systems with more than one component, particles with different shapes, and particles with non-spherical interactions. The eventual aim of this work is to be able to create self-assembling systems of interacting particles to make cheap functional materials (i.e. photovoltaics, high-reflection coatings, etc.).


Present Associate Professor of Applied Physics, Olin College of Engineering

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Research Interests

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  • Real World Measurements
  • Modeling and Controls
  • Light Microscopy for Scientists and Engineers
  • Electricity and Magnetism

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