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About Ray Enke Ph.D.

My lab studies epigenetic regulation of gene expression in the vertebrate retina. Eukaryotic genomes acquire heritable and reversible chemical modifications that play a large role in influencing expression patterns of genes. In my lab we use the developing chicken, the mouse, and the human eye to study DNA methylation, an epigenetic modifier of genomic DNA.

My teaching and advising interests are in the areas of genomics, molecular biology, neuroscience and biotechnology. As a faculty affiliate of the JMU Center for Genome & Metagenome Studies (CGEMS), I am actively involved with creating, implementing, and disseminating applied genomics and bioinformatics classroom materials to undergraduate and secondary education teachers.


Present Center for Genome & Metagenome Studies (CGEMS), James Madison University
Present Assistant Professor of Biology, James Madison University


  • Bio 140L Foundations of Biology Lab
  • Bio 480 Advanced Molecular Biology
  • Bio 481 Genomics


Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health ‐ Biochemisty
Visiting Scholar, Brown University ‐ Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, and Biochemistry
B.S., Salisbury University ‐ Biology

Classroom Exercises & Activities (17)

Classroom ready protocols and web-based resources for active learning and applied research in the areas of molecular biology, molecular ecology, genomics, and bioinformatics.

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My teaching and research program in the news and on the web