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About Ralph Saubern

Ralph Saubern is the Director of ACER’s Professional Resources Division.
The Professional Resources Division supports the work of educational professionals and educational organisations by providing tools which support practitioners to collect, analyse and understand evidence of learning and reseach-based products and services to address identified needs. Professional Resources includes:
- ACER Assessment Services (Schools, Higher Education, Vocational Education)
- ACER Institute (Professional Learning)
- ACER Press
- Cunningham Library and Information Services


Present GradDipCompScience(Hons) RMIT, BA Melb, BEd La T, MTESOL Monash, CTEFLA Holmes College, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
Present Director, Professional Resources, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

Contact Information

Australian Council for Educational Research
19 Prospect Hill Rd,
Camberwell, VIC, Australia 3124
T: +61 3 9277 5555
F: +61 3 9277 5500


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