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Introduction: Ecological Applications of Bayesian Inference
Ecological Applications (1996)
  • Philip Dixon, University of Georgia
  • Aaron M. Ellison, Mount Holyoke College
Statistical analysis is usually needed to extract
usable inferences from highly variable ecological
data. However, there are continuing discussions
and arguments about many aspects of statistical
design and analysis. Two recent examples include
the design of studies to detect an environmental impact
( Underwood 1994, Wiens and Parker
1995) and the choice of parametric or nonparametric statistics( Stewart-Oaten1 995).
  • Bayesian inference,
  • data analysis,
  • decision-making,
  • statistics,
  • uncertainty
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Publisher Statement
This is an article from Ecological Applications 6 (1996): 1034, doi:10.2307/2269587
Posted with permission. Copyright 1996 by the Ecological Society of America
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Philip Dixon and Aaron M. Ellison. "Introduction: Ecological Applications of Bayesian Inference" Ecological Applications Vol. 6 Iss. 4 (1996) p. 1034 - 1035
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