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About Peter P. Goché

As soul proprietor, I was given birth to this world on Jan 01 '67 by Dolores and Raymond Goche in Buffalo Center, Iowa. Sometime after, I began my dialectic pursuit to comprehend the items of experience to which I'd been born. By the weight of my late friend's hand, I am inspired to live; to ponder all that is about. My creative efforts regarding people, space and the production of nuance are directed toward elevating my sensory perception of this realm to which I have become accustom. I seek (daily) to draw out that which invokes a profound sense of self; to prepare the earth's surface for daily ritual.
Raised out on the open flat of north-eastern Iowa, I was privy to a wonderful single point perspective from which to cultivate my intense curiosity of self with respect to the earth's surface. My understanding and sensibilities regarding spatial experience and ethno-specific design stem from this agrarian upbringing and ongoing research in art, architecture and anthropology at Iowa State University. Equally, my travel throughout the Czech Republic, Western Europe and Spain has nurtured my interest in human beings, their practices and the ways they occupy space.


Present Assistant Professor, Iowa State University Department of Architecture


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Contact Information

156 College of Design
715 Bissell Rd
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011
Phone: 515-294-4717
Fax: 515-294-1440


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