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About Pablo Brescia

I am interested in all things literary and philosophical. My areas of teaching and research are history and theory of Latin American short fiction; genre studies (fantastic and science-fiction/detective fiction) and 20th and 21st centuries Mexican and Southern Cone literatures and cultural histories, among others. I am Professor of Latin American Literature at the University of South Florida. I got my B.A. in philosophy and literature and my Ph.D. in Hispanic languages and literatures from the University of California, Santa Barbara. My book, Modelos y prácticas en el cuento hispanoamericano: Arreola, Borges, Cortázar (2011) examines short story theory in the works of these important Latin American writers. I have also coedited El ojo en el caleidoscopio: las colecciones de textos integrados en la literatura latinoamericana (2006), Borges múltiple: cuentos y ensayos de cuentistas (1999), Sor Juana y Vieira, trescientos años después (1998), and El cuento mexicano (1996). My articles, essays, book and film reviews, interviews and translations have been published in books and journals from Argentina, Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Puerto Rico, Spain, the United States and Uruguay. In 2010 I received the Jamie Bishop Memorial Award for an Essay Not in English awarded by the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts.


Present Faculty Member, University of South Florida


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