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About Nihad E. Daidzic D.Sc., Ph.D., M.Sc., ATP, CFI-IA, MEI-IA, CFI-RH, CFI-G

Educator, Scientist, Engineer, Inventor, Author, Professional Pilot and FAA Flight & Ground Instructor.
Born in Sarajevo (capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina - B&H), lived and worked for more than a decade in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. His Ph.D. is in fluid dynamics/mechanics from the Friedrich-Alexander Technical University in Erlangen (Germany) and his D.Sc. is in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sarajevo (B&H). His M.Sc. is in mechanical engineering from the University of Sarajevo (B&H). Dr. Daidzic spent several years as a post-doctoral research associate at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN) and the University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS). He worked 7+ years at several NASA space and research centers (NASA MSFC, NASA GRC) serving as a staff scientist on the US space program. Dr. Daidzic's microgravity science experiments on droplet oscillations and breakup (USML-2 experiments) flew onboard STS-73 Space-Shuttle "Columbia" in September 1995 returning important scientific data. During his tenure at the NASA Glenn Research Center Dr. Daidzic simultaneously held adjunct appointments and taught aviation technology courses at Kent State's University (Kent, OH) Aeronautics program. Dr. Daidzic came to MSUM in the capacity of an associate professor of aviation and adjunct professor of mechanical engineering in 2006 and was tenured and promoted into full professor in 2011. Fluent/Bilingual in English, German, and Bosnian (also Croatian and Serbian). Limited fluency in Italian and Russian. He has been interested and involved in aeronautics, aviation, aerospace, space and flying since childhood.
Dr. Daidzic published over 50 peer-reviewed original research articles (most as the first and sole author) in various top International Journals in diverse science fields (Applied physics, Applied Mathematics, Fluid mechanics, Optical and Acoustic methods, MRI, Aerospace and Mechanical engineering, Space sciences, Propulsion, Aviation sciences, Biomedical engineering, etc.), over 60 conference articles (most peer-reviewed) and presentations, over 40 proprietary technical reports for NASA, DOE, ESA, LSTM, IPES, etc., over 45 expert articles in professional aviation and piloting journals/magazines, and has given over 60 FAA safety seminars on special aviation/piloting topics most on the master and advanced level over the period of 25 years. Dr. Daidzic mentored several students of Mechanical Engineering for their M.S. thesis and has also served as a doctoral adviser and/or committee member for several Ph.D. (doctoral) candidates in Aviation and Engineering. He is the author of the new book "Introduction to Theory of Flight" intended for undergraduate students in aviation, aviation technology, aeronautics, and aerospace engineering university programs. Dr. Daidzic is also currently completing an expert book "Aircraft Performance and Operations" that will be used in aerospace engineering, aeronautical technology, and aviation programs. Dr. Daidzic authored several US and European patents in the field of mechanical, space, and aerospace engineering, aerospace technology, biomedical engineering, and aviation.
Dr. Daidzic is an Airline Transport Pilot (Multi-Engine Airplane Land) and Commercial Pilot (Single-Engine Airplane Land and Sea, Helicopter, Glider), FAA "Gold Seal" Flight Instructor (Airplanes, Helicopters, Gliders), instrument-Airplane, FAA Ground instructor (Advanced, Instrument) and a Remote Pilot sUAS for several decades now. Currently, he is also a FAASTeam Safety Representative for the FAA Minneapolis FSDO (GL15). Previously, an FAA Aviation Safety Counselor (ASC) for the Cleveland (GL25) and the Kansas City (CE05) FSDOs (FAA Flight Standards District Offices). Dr. Daidzic also served as an FAA 141 chief flight instructor for a flight school in Twin-cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) area. As a professional pilot and FAA "Gold Seal" flight instructor Dr. Daidzic accumulated over 6,000 flight hours in over 100 different types of airplanes, helicopters, gliders, hot-air balloons, and gyroplanes. As a part-time flight instructor over the past several decades, he successfully trained over 150 different pilot candidates and pilots for various FAA pilot and instructor ratings including the FAA instrument proficiency checks, flight reviews, and checkouts.
PADI-certified Freediver, Master Scuba Diver and Divemaster and TDI-certified technical diver with interest in decompression theory and practice, diving physiology and hypobaric (air & space) and hyperbaric (underwater) medicine.


Present Professor, Research Graduate Faculty, Minnesota State University, Mankato

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  • Theory of Flight (AVIA 201)
  • Aircraft Performance (AVIA 455)
  • Instrument Pilot Theory (AVIA 240)
  • Advanced Aircraft Systems (AVIA 338)


1989 - 1995 Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.), Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg ‐ Lehrstuhl Fuer Stroemungsmechanik

Books and Book chapters (2)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (33)