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About Nickolas D. "Dan" Macchiarella

His research portfolio includes serving as a Principal Investigator, Chief Pilot, and Operational Test Pilot. Dan’s research expertise focuses upon the adaptation of computer-based technologies to enhance flight training and flight operations. Several of his research activities highlight this specialization. He was the principal investigator for the University’s Flight Training Device Effectiveness Study. This research heavily applied non-motion-based flight simulation to train pilots for the FAA certified Private Pilot level. It constituted the largest transfer of training study completed outside of a military environment. The results of the study enabled a deep integration of simulation into private pilot training. An invention resulting from the research was SAFTE-VAT (Synthetic Automated Flight Training  Environment)-(Virtual Air Traffic) that provides a synthetic air traffic control environment for flight simulators. SAFTE-VAT was used to conduct FAA research--Synthetic Speech and Visual Data Communications for Flight Deck Use--to  examine the use of synthetic speech on a NextGen enabled flight deck. Researchers focused on how a synthetic speech system could reduce pilot need to focus attention heads down while in flight while reducing workload and enhancing situational awareness. Dan is also involved with research with unmanned aircraft systems. Dan has publications ranging from published book chapters to journals. Print and electronic media have used interviews with Dan on multiple occasions for stories addressing professional pilot education and UAS operations. Dan serves as a standing member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Modeling and Simulation Technical Committee. Over the past thirty-three years his flight experience includes the US, Europe, and Asia.


Present Professor of Aeronautical Science and Unmanned Systems Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

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