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Trainees' perspectives of assessment messages: a narrative systematic review.
Medical Education (2019)
  • Catherine E Scarff, University of Melbourne
  • Margaret Bearman, Deakin University
  • Neville Chiavaroli, University of Melbourne
  • Steve Trumble, University of Melbourne
This study was designed as a narrative systematic literature review of medical specialist trainees’ perspectives of the assessment messages they receive in the context of clinical performance assessments. The aim of the study was to determine if trainees value the information they receive through the formats designed to promote their development and, if not, the reasons for this.
Publication Date
March 1, 2019
Citation Information
Scarff, C. E., Bearman, M., Chiavaroli, N., & Trumble, S. (2019). Trainees’ perspectives of assessment messages: A narrative systematic review. Medical Education, 53(3), 221–233.