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About Nancy K. Lankton

Dr. Nancy Lankton received from Arizona State University her B.S. in Accountancy, her M.B.A., her M.A. in Information Management, and her Ph.D. in Business Administration.
Dr. Lankton’s research includes technology acceptance and continuance, as well as understanding managerial IT-related decision making. Relative to technology acceptance, she examines technology trust, habit, and e-health adoption. Technology trust focuses on technology as the object of trust, and is a relatively new research area in information systems, demonstrating how humans often attribute social characteristics to computers.

Information technology habit is defined as the extent to which people perform information technology continuance behaviors automatically. Although individuals usually form habits for frequent behaviors, habits can also be formed for infrequent behaviors under certain conditions. Dr. Lankton investigates contexts where information technology habits may form despite infrequent use.

E-health includes online health services delivering a range of content, connectivity, and clinical care, which can provide health-related benefits and cost savings. Dr. Lankton has investigated several theoretical models in the e-health context, in addition to e-health expectations, satisfaction, and antecedents.

She also examines both how individuals make judgments and decisions about information systems, and how information systems aid decision makers.




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