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About Miron Kaufman

Miron Kaufman has earned a BA in 1973 and a MS in 1977 (dissertation title: Topics in the Theory of Superconductivity), both degrees in Physics, from Tel Aviv University in Israel. He has earned a PhD in Physics in 1981 (dissertation title: Tricritical Points and Ising Models on a Hierarchical Lattice) from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He then spent three years, 1983-1985, at MIT as Bantrell Fellow in surface science doing research on phase transitions and critical phenomena associated with random magnetic fields and percolation.
Dr. Kaufman has joined Cleveland State University in 1985. From 2000 to 2012 he was chair of the Physics Department. He has developed, in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, a professional MS program with specialization in Medical Physics that has received accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programs (CAMPEP). He has significantly strengthened the undergraduate and graduate physics programs by building a state-of-the-art computer lab, by modernizing the teaching and research laboratories, and by recruiting five faculty and a lab manager. He has updated the curriculum through new courses (e. g. Environmental Physics, Computational Physics, Statistical Physics, Modern Physics Laboratory) and through novel pedagogy that emphasizes the unity of the experimental, computational and theoretical facets of physics (e. g. laboratories and computational projects are incorporated in the lecture courses). Under his leadership the CSU physics programs have achieved national rankings. The MS in Physics program was in the "strongest professional programs" category according to the April 2005 American Institute of Physics (AIP) report.
His research in statistical physics covers topics in: superconductivity, magnetism, multicritical points, liquids, polymers and hierarchical and fractal lattices. For the last ten years he is involved in collaborative research projects at the interface of statistical physics with cognitive science, health science, urban studies and polymer engineering. His publications were referenced 2800 times and their Hirsch index is 27. Student involvement is a common thread through all his research activities. Several of the undergraduate students who have worked with Dr. Kaufman on research projects have gone on to graduate programs, such as the Ph.D. physics programs at the University of California at Berkeley and at Johns Hopkins University.
Dr. Kaufman is developing enriching materials for all his courses involving simulations using the software MathCAD that can be accessed at his website.


Present Co-director CSUTeach, Cleveland State University
Present Founding director Medical Physics, Cleveland State University
Present Professor of Physics, Cleveland State University


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Office: SI 116,113
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